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Welcome to The Instant Stress Solution, a Video Mini-Course on EFT

I am thrilled to welcome you on the exciting journey we are about to take together!

For many years I’ve been writing about EFT, as well as performing scientific research and training professionals in these skills.

I’ve witnessed literally thousands of people change their lives. Long-standing challenges often just melt away, and their emotional lives are transformed. As you take this course, you’re likely to see major changes in yourself and those you serve.

I and our wonderful team members at Energy Psychology Group have put a lot of time and energy into making this course great, and I know you’re going to have many insights and epiphanies as you explore the material.

It’s also science-based, so you’ll find evidence and research a cornerstone of the course. This allows you to use it with others with confidence that you’re offering them an evidence-based practice.

The knowledge and information you gain in this course is the priceless distillation of literally decades of work and clinical practice by team members and colleagues of mine. Please read this Quick Start Guide now and become familiar with it, since it contains the essence of what you’ll need to navigate the course quickly and easily.

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