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Welcome to The Coaching Psychology online course.

I’m so happy to welcome you to this program and look forward to our journey together.

This Coaching Psychology course has 13 Lessons. You’ll find that they build naturally on one another.

They start with explaining what’s going on inside the brains and bodies of your clients as you practice effective coaching skills with them.

You’ll be excited to discover how, as clients change their habits, behaviors and mental states, they’re literally changing the signaling pathways in their brains.

You’ll practice the Core Coaching Competencies as outlined by the International Coach Federation, and learn how to identify the “stages of change” that assess your client’s starting point.

You’ll sharpen your skills using time-tested tools like Motivational Interviewing, Nonviolent Communication, Coaching Psychology and Appreciative Enquiry.

Assessments are an under-utilized part of coaching, and they’re vital to allowing both you and your client to measure progress objectively.

Toward the end of the course you’ll discover the leading-edge science that measures the biology of peak states and breakthroughs into new set points of thriving. You’ll learn reliable methods of sparking these transformational leaps in yourself and your clients.

By the end of the course, you’ll have combined the best insights of the past half-century of psychological research with the most recent findings from the frontiers of neuroscience. This enables you to move into your future career as a well-equipped coach. You’re able to speak the language of science with other professionals as well as offering your clients a synthesis of both time-tested and leading-edge methods.

Here is how to get the most from the course: Within each of the 13 lesson you will have reading to do including some interesting case histories. At the end of each lesson will be a mini-quiz containing around 10 questions drawn from that particular lesson. Once you pass the mini-quiz you will move on to the next lesson.

Whenever you visit the site make sure you log in using the login identity you created when you purchased the program. If you click on a saved, cached or bookmarked page without logging in, you will receive an error message, so always log in first. If you run into problems you can email

Also please use the power of community to keep yourself engaged in the course. Your experience will be enriched if you interact with faculty and other participants. Please join the Facebook group here. Post your insights, share your epiphanies, and be inspired by the wonderful people in our supportive community.

I celebrate the steps you’ve already made toward your wellbeing, and appreciate the possibilities that will unfold for us in the coming weeks.

– Dawson Church, PhD

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