Chapter 7 – Summary and References

Summary An event is characterized as traumatic when: 1) the person perceives it as a threat to her or his physical survival; 2) it overwhelms the individual’s coping capacity, producing a sense of powerlessness; 3) it produces a feeling of isolation and aloneness; and 4) it violates the person’s expectations. Psychological trauma is not a …

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Chapter 5 – The Trauma Capsule

The Trauma Capsule What happens when a child experiences an event so disturbing that it cannot be assimilated into ordinary consciousness? Examples of such events might be being beaten for no reason, becoming the object of a parent’s sexual desire, hearing harsh unprovoked criticism, or being physically harmed. Children don’t understand that such events are …

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Quick Start Guide

Welcome to this advanced course on Psychological Trauma. This Quick Start Guide will introduce you to the course, and show you how to navigate through it quickly and easily. You’re going to get a huge amount of valuable information from this course. It will change the way you perceive trauma, and people who’ve been traumatized. …

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