Replay of October 25, 2019

Live Marketing call with Dawson

Topic: Working on Somatic Issues with EFT/EP​

– Chemicals that mirror drugs that we can create naturally in our body
– How pain and somatic issues are signals. Pain killers train us to stop listening
– How to clear enmeshment so the client can realize “I am not my pain”
– How to pre-frame pain as a messenger and signal
– How to use Unfinished Conversations and Empty Chair Work to hear message beneath pain

Replay of September 18, 2019

Live call with Dawson

Topic: Self Sabotage & Procrastination

Self Sabotage & Procrastination
We all know what we should do for our health, food, exercise, wealth, career, and relationships. But often we don’t do it. We often sabotage ourselves in one way or another. Or we procrastinate and don’t take action. 
We can treat these as energy patterns.
Angie: Two week old baby, how do I cope, and also market my services, and then work with clients. It’s too much.
Energy session on pattern of not deserving. Cognitive shifts during 9 Gamut. Screaming into pillow.
Afterwards, realizing that I can offer EP to my mom’s group.
Devi: Overwhelm because I’m writing up my cases, also an NLP training, in a Power of 8 Group, doing my son’s taxes.
Invisible counselor session on drawing old symbol, a red starburst, out of body. 
Bringing it together with new symbol, a frequency, placing merged symbol into body.


Replay of August 1, 2019

Live call with Dawson and Jackie

Topic: Releasing Anger & Resentment with Energy Psychology

– How to be aware of your own triggers
– How to guide a client who is triggered by displays of anger, or by your own modeling of anger, tapping on gamut point
– How to navigate someone’s Pain body: The reactionary emotional body
– A case story on how healed anger cleared up inflammation and arthritis in the knuckles!
– Do you get triggered by client;s anger? What can we do in the heat of the moment? Breathing, body language, use of mirroring
– What i you trigger your client;s anger and they project on you? What strategies and tools can you use? in the moment: mirroring, exploring archetypes, asking questions to pull them out of story
– What if they are avoiding feelings of anger? or judge themselves for feeling anger? What are best practices or techniques to help them tap into and feel these uncomfortable feelings?
– Optional points / a;arm points for releasing anger
– How to help clients stay with uncomfortable emotions, instead of breaking off or avoiding

Replay of July 16, 2019

Live call with Dawson

Topic: Techniques and Guidelines for working with Serious Illness

– Exploring chronic disease in a safe and compassionate way
– Tips to holding space and neutralize energy before a session
– EFT Approaches for Serious Disease and Diagnosis
– Tap on the charge around diagnosis, disease name, thoughts about disease, fears, and emotions around it
– Tap on negative influencers ie. environment, people, relationships, news, work, that might be impeding health
– Tap on physical qualities and sensations of illness (Chasing Pain)
– Tap on events surrounding illness (diagnosis, symptoms, surgeries, major life events)
– Tap on limiting voices about their pain i.e. “Its genetic, it will only get worse, worst case scenario thinking
– Exaggerate the emotions of sadness, frustration to help client tune in and release
– Use humor to uproot hypothesizing
– Using Unfinished Conversations and Empty Chair Work to address disease
– Personify and talk to the part of you that is sick and/or resistant to healing.
– Using Invisible Counselor Technique to help clients to access their non-local wisdom for new insights
– How to approach secondary gain and emotional aspects of symptoms with compassionate questioning

Replay of July 9, 2019

Live call with Matt

Topic: No specific topic as Matt answered questions that had been sent in

Replay of June 7, 2019

Live call with Dawson

Topic: Approaches & Opportunities to Working with Animals

– POSSIBLE USES: behavioral issues, end of life, physical issues, separation anxiety, trauma
– SUD Score with Animals: Use a pendulum: As is SUD still ask, test for yes or no, Is SUD Lower, yes or no? and so on…
– Just like with humans: Ask When did this problem start? Using simple setup statements, use specific information, Consider your pets history (breeding or therapy dog training) when discovering their core belief
– The question practitioner forget to ask: What has changed in environment or household when issue started?
– a) Ask permission b) Intend to protect animal and self from foreign energies c) Ask permission to use surrogate tapping (tap on self, not animal) d) Tune in to animal to craft simple Setup Statements about their main issue
– HOST Stephanie’s website:

Replay of May 23, 2019

Live call with Matt

Topic: Writing Great Bullets

Replay of May 10, 2019

Live call with Jackie

Topic: Build Rapport and Challenge Assumptions Nuerolinguistic Programming (NLP)


– A rich Q&A with EPC Practitioner candidate and NLP expert Devi Ishaya
– What is NLP and how does it relate to a powerful Energy Psychology Practitioner?
– What are the main forms of Represenation?
– What cues can we look for in clients to understand their representation (ie their way of perceiving reality)?
– What is the most common assumption that limits a practitioners work?
– What is the #1 question we can ask our clients?

Replay of April 11, 2019

Live call with Matt

Topic: Problem Solution

Replay of April 1, 2019

Live call with Dawson

Topic:Techniques and Tips on Working with Grief & Loss

Notes on Grief and Loss: GRIEF SUMMARY
– When to stay focused on recent loss versus when to go to childhood
– How long does it take to return to baseline after a trauma or loss?
– How to set healthy expectations with clients dealing with grief and loss
– Best practices and suggested techniques for working with grief and loss (Gentle Techniques, Sneaking Up, Chasing the Pain)
– How to deal with a client who is detached, checked out of their emotions
– How to deal with anger or beliefs about God after loss of a child


Replay of March 13, 2019

Live call with Dawson

Topic: When & How to Use Unfinished Conversations and Parts Work

   Summary for this call: – 
 The difference between EFT and Unfinished Conversations, a Gestalt -based technique that brings completion and closure 
– The difference between EFT and Parts work, a technique that allows clients to integrate the parts of themselves causing self sabotage
 – When and how to introduce Empty Chair Work to bring healing past, present and future
 – Taking Skill Set 2 from beginner to expert levels with questions, chair placement, and eye movements

Replay of March 12, 2019

Live call with Matt

Topic: Your Origin Story

Replay of February 26, 2019

Live call with Matt

Topic: Attention Grabbing Headlines and The 3 Questions

Here is a summary of TAPAS call: 
– Why do we use the TAPAS pressure points? 
– Purpose of setting intentions: activate dorsal lateral prefrontal cortex and suppresses irrelevant incoming information 
– Importance of forgiveness and compassion in neuroplasticity 
– Cover all NINE updated steps of TAPAS 
– Brainstorm when to introduce TAPAS to a client, and how to integrate it with EFT and other techniques 
– Share ways to introduce and pitch TAPAS to clients

Replay of January 17, 2019

Live call with Matt

Topic: Copywriting 101: The Most Lucrative Skill In Marketing

Replay of January 15, 2019

Live call with Dawson

Topic: Birth Trauma

What an informative call! We wish we had another 1hour for all the questions! Here is a summary of call for the recording! 
– How does cortisol and adrenaline move from mother to child, and what can practitioners do about it? 
– What are signs that a client has birth or womb trauma? 
– How do high risk births and anxious parents impact children emotionally, cognitively and physically? 
– How do we approach womb trauma when a client doesn’t remember childhood? 
– How did one EPC student guide her client with PTSD symptoms (with no apparent trauma) to release the trauma of her birth?
 – What are best practices and techniques when it comes to approaching womb trauma? ecomeditaiton, eye rolls, chasing the pain, unfinished conversation with child, Invisible counselor session to counsel and comfort child, Basic Recipe on imagined memory, continuous tapping on imagined memory
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