Using Assessments

“Daddy, are we there yet?” Generations of young children have asked generations of parents this question on millions of car trips. When my children were young, they would ask me the question, often many times an hour during a journey. I’d noticed other parents getting annoyed in similar circumstances and I could understand why. I

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How to Use Appreciative Inquiry in Your Coaching Practice

What Is Appreciative Inquiry? Stated simply, Appreciative Inquiry (AI) is a method for managing change that emphasizes the strengths rather than the weaknesses of an individual or organization. Developed by David Cooperrider, PhD, and colleagues at Case Western Reserve University’s Weather head School of Management in the 1980s as a leadership tool for organizations, AI

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Stages of Change Clients typically consult a coach because there is something or multiple things they want to change in their lives. Often they are seeking help in changing habitual behavior that no longer serves them or may even be destructive to their health, relationships, professional life, or general well-being. Energy Psychology draws from several other schools

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Core Coaching Competencies

Coaching is defined in many ways in various books and publications. The common factor in all those definitions is relationship. Coaches are skilled at cultivating relationships that support transformation and learning. They help both clients and their communities define their visions and meet their goals. To facilitate the establishment of effective coaching relationships, the International

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The Psychology of Coaching

Welcome to The Psychology of Coaching online course. I’m so happy to welcome you to this program and look forward to our journey together. This Psychology of Coaching course has 13 Lessons. You’ll find that they build naturally on one another. They start with explaining what’s going on inside the brains and bodies of your

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