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Would You Love To Help Others
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I am so delighted that you are considering certification in EFT!

For me, learning EFT in 2002, and becoming certified in 2008, was a life-changing experience. Personal challenges with which I’d struggled my whole life simply melted away, while my ability to help people who were suffering multiplied exponentially.

In the years since, I’ve dedicated my life to getting this transformative work to the world. I’ve seen tens of thousands of people reap these same benefits. As a certified Clinical EFT practitioner, you’ll see them too. You’ll become incredibly effective at working with other people, while experiencing positive changes in your own life.

Read on to learn why, what, and how to take the simple and intuitive steps to learn all 48 Clinical EFT techniques, become a certified practitioner, and develop your own rewarding and transformative career path.

The top benefits of
EFT Certification

The simple modules that train you in all 48 Clinical EFT techniques, plus insights into personal transformation, coaching training, personalized mentoring, and much more

Time frames, costs, and payment plans to reach your goal of becoming a Certified Clinical EFT Practitioner

Why Get Certified?
The 7 Best Benefits of EFT Universe Certification
The Ultimate EFT Certification Program is based on Clinical EFT, the evidence-based practice that has been validated in over 100 clinical trials. Certification by EFT Universe gives you the confidence that you are learning a set of skills grounded in sound science and the fundamentals found in The EFT Manual.
EFT Universe trainings are so highly regarded that they were the first to be accredited for Continuing Medical Education (CME / CE) credits for members of three of the national US professional organizations: American Medical Association, American Nurses Credentialing Commission, American Psychological Association.
This EFT Universe website is one of the most-visited complementary medicine sites on the web. Certification gives you an affiliation with a highly respected organization that serves huge numbers of online visitors each day.
EFT Universe is focused not just on excellent training, but also on supporting practitioners in making a great living with their tapping skills . Each month, our newsletter and media reach hundreds of thousands of subscribers. We feature the work of our certified practitioners,  so we will be introducing your services to clients. The Certified Practitioner directory gets hundreds of thousands of visitors a year. Our state-of-the art Tapping Place platform automates live video sessions with paying clients.
We have a dynamic publicity team. Each month, their efforts generate stories on TV, in blogs, podcasts, radio shows, and magazines. For instance, O: The Oprah Magazine, ran a piece on "emotional acupuncture" that concluded with the words: "To find practitioners, visit"
EFT Universe is a respected advocate for Energy Psychology in the US congress, other governments, and social service agencies . Our efforts contributed to the recognition of EFT as a "generally safe therapy" by the US Veterans Administration in 2017.
The EFT Universe certification is stable and consistent. It is based on the clearly defined standards of Clinical EFT, using the best training practices evolved by the top EFT experts over the course of 20+ years. It is based on training materials developed by some of the most-respected authorities in the field .
What Are the Steps to Take?
Follow the Path to The Ultimate EFT Certification

The Ultimate EFT Certification Program is divided into several clear and sequential steps. You begin with four online courses. You then take a live 4-day Professional Skills Training. We offer these in many locations in the US, Europe, and Australia all year round.

We then connect you with an expert mentor, and as you work with practice clients, you get invaluable personal guidance in developing your EFT skills. After completing 40 case histories and a virtual workshop, the Practice Intensive, you graduate. The process takes about 12 months. For more information on each step, see below.

Module 1

The Genetics Of Personal Transformation

New scientific breakthroughs in fields like neuroscience and epigenetics show that we can change our gene expression to boost our levels of happiness, vitality, and health. The Genetics Of Personal Transformation contains 12 lessons in the science behind energy healing. Each hour-long lesson trains you in a practical energy technique that can boost your levels of health, energy, and happiness. Each of the 12 multimedia modules includes audio, video, and written content — so you can use whichever learning style works best for you.
Module 2

The Practice of Energy Psychology and EFT

The Practice of Energy Psychology and EFT course trains you in the 48 techniques of Clinical EFT, the evidence-based form of tapping. You’ll discover how most physical problems, from pain to autoimmune diseases, have their roots in emotional trauma. You’ll learn how to erase those negative emotions using EFT's fundamental methods, from the “Basic Recipe” to the “Movie Technique.” You’ll discover three “Gentle Techniques” for working with psychological trauma, as well as 12 “Professional Practice Techniques.” The course contains 12 training lessons with video and audio instructional programs illustrated by dozens of case histories.
Module 3

Professional Ethics

An understanding of ethics is one of the most important pieces of knowledge a practitioner of the healing arts can possibly have. Ethical principles are not restrictive rules and regulations – they are maps for bringing out your best as a caregiver and healer. This course trains you in setting healthy boundaries, self-care, appropriate relationships with clients, a clear “scope of practice,” and effective communication with other professionals in the healthcare field. Illustrated with 50 case histories, this top-rated course gives you a complete education in energy healing ethics.
Module 4

The Psychology of Coaching

A century of research has mapped the psychology of transformation. Many of these findings about human motivation and behavior are counterintuitive, and great coaching depends on understanding them. The superb and comprehensive Psychology of Coaching course presents this body of work in 13 sequential lessons. It combines behavioral science with the latest discoveries in neuroscience and energy therapy. It presents the best-of-the-best coaching techniques and principles in an easily accessible form. It trains you to help clients soar high above their previous best, transcending their old set points to experience Peak States.
Module 5

The Art of Delivery

What does masterful EFT look like? The Art of Delivery video course is designed to take you beyond the mechanics of EFT and into fluid and natural practice. Before or during this module, you will also attend a live class. It's the brilliantly designed and time-tested EFT 4 Day Professional Skills Training. The curriculum is designed to give you practice in the 48 techniques of Clinical EFT. You’ll receive both structured training and practical demonstrations while practicing your skills with other members of the class.


Personalized Guided Training
Once you’ve completed your online courses and live training, it’s time to work with practice clients. It’s an exciting time, because we often see wonderful personal and professional breakthroughs, even during the very first sessions with clients. Once you see the effects that Clinical EFT produces in the lives of your clients, you’ll be “hooked” and quickly gain confidence in your newfound skills.
Guided Practice: Throughout the process, you'll be guided by an expert mentor to whom you'll send your case history reports. You’ll write up four sets of 10 case histories and receive feedback from your mentor. Your skills will progress steadily, as your practice is developed through your mentor’s personalized feedback.
Personal Work: You’ll also work on your personal issues. The training process often brings up unhealed parts of a practitioner’s past. You identify and address these over the course of 15 hours of personal work.
Discussion Group: You’ll also gain access to our exclusive online community. This lively discussion group of practitioners-in-training provides support and encouragement. People swap sessions, success stories, and challenges.
One-on-One Phone Calls: Another bonus of the certification program is monthly skills practice calls. These are offered by mentors and other practitioners. They often focus on common challenges that practitioners experience in client sessions. 
Your mentoring phase breaks down like this:
Mentoring #1: Healing the Past through the Present
In Mentoring #1, you share your first set of 10 case histories with your mentor, as you practice Clinical EFT techniques 1 through 12. You also complete your first 5 hours of personal work.
Mentoring #2: Memory Reconsolidation
In your second set of 10 case histories, you practice Clinical EFT Techniques 13 through 24. You complete you second 5 hours of personal work.
Mentoring #3: Professional Practice Techniques
In your third set of 10 case histories, you practice Clinical EFT techniques 25 through 48. You complete your final 5 hours of personal work.
Mentoring #4: Refining Your Skills
Your fourth and final set of 10 case histories refines skills identified by your mentor.
Module 6

Energy, Trauma, and Healing


As you begin mentoring, you become eligible to complete Module 6. It includes a live class called the Practice Intensive, as well as the Energy, Trauma, and Healing online course. The Practice Intensive is two days, and can be taken in person or virtually. With other practitioners, you role-play to develop your skills in each phase of the healing encounter, from the start of the first session to multi-year client relationships. 

The online course trains you in the latest research on psychological trauma and healing. You begin by reviewing the characteristics of PTSD, showing specifically how it’s a physiological condition, producing extensive genetic, hormonal, and neurological changes in the human body. Yet with energy techniques, even adverse experiences recorded deep in the brain can be healed. You learn the three steps that overwrite old trauma in a process called “memory reconsolidation and extinction.”

The final section of this course is written by a brilliant collection of expert clinicians who train you in how to apply energy techniques during various stages of typical client sessions. 


Once you’ve completed these steps, you graduate. The online graduation guide shows you how to obtain insurance, list yourself on the EFT Universe website and Tapping Place, and other practical details. You receive your certificate and launch your new career as a certified EFT practitioner!

How Can You Make This Happen?
Time Frames, Costs, and Payment Plans

The Ultimate EFT Certification Program takes about 12 months to complete. You complete the first four modules online, take the 4 day Professional Skills Training, and submit your first batch of cases to your mentor (Mentoring #1).

The focus from that point on is practice. You work with clients under the guidance of your mentor, completing the next three batches (Mentoring #2, 3, and 4). You take the Practice Intensive and the Energy, Trauma, and Healing online course, wrap up the remaining requirements, and graduate.

If you aren’t able to complete the requirements in 12 months, you can apply for a six-month automatic extension.

Because we’re motivated to get this work to the largest number of people, we’ve kept the cost of certification as low as possible. You can complete the entire program and become certified for $3,999. This includes:

  • All six online training modules
  • The in-person or virtual 4 Day Professional Skills Training (see FAQ below)
  • Personal mentorship through feedback on 40 case histories
  • Membership in the exclusive online community
  • The 2 Day Practice Intensive virtual workshop
  • Skills practice calls.

If you prefer, you can take advantage of low monthly payments of just $369 a month for 12 months.

The first step on the path to the Ultimate EFT Certification is simply to fill out the application form and make your first payment.

If you would like to sample the certification program before enrolling, you can take the first four modules in two groups. Modules 1 and 2 are available together, at a discount, in an online program called Self-Transformative Energy Tools ($497).

Modules 3 and 4 are available in a second online program called Transforming Lives with Energy Coaching ($1,497).

The most cost-effective approach is to sign up for the certification program as a whole at the beginning ($3,999). However, if you’d like to take Self-Transformative Energy Tools and Transforming Lives with Energy Coaching first, you will get credit for these should you enroll later.

Below is a list of Frequently Asked Questions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I begin the process of certification?
A: Fill out an application form here and making your first payment.

Q: Can anyone get certified or is it only for medical and mental health professionals?
A: Certification is a complete and comprehensive training package, and you can take it whether or not you’re a professional. About half those who become certified are licensed medical or mental health professionals. The other half are from all walks of life, and many are retraining for a new and satisfying career in energy healing.

Q: The live 4-day workshop will require me to travel, which is an extra cost. Can I take it online or virtually?
A: Both. The 4-day workshop can be taken live or virtually. Due to the current environment, we have many virtual 4 day workshops in convenient timezones around the world. Check out the current list of 4 day workshops here.

Q: I work in a stressful setting and I'm close to burnout. Can you apply these methods in this type of setting and can they help me on a personal level?
A: Very definitely. Over 50 studies show that the EFT techniques you’ll learn in this course result in big reductions in stress.

Q: If I purchase the Self-Transformative Energy Tools program for $497 and then I decide to take the rest of the program later what would that cost me?
A: You would go on to take the Transforming Lives with Energy Coaching course for $1,497.  The mentoring and workshops component, which you’d complete after the online courses, costs an additional $2,499 if purchased after the online courses are complete.

Q: If I purchase both the Self-Transformative Energy Tools and Transforming Lives with Energy Coaching for $1,497 and later decide that I want to become certified in EFT what would the rest of the certification program cost?
A: The mentoring and workshops component, which you’d complete after the online courses, costs $2,499 if purchased after the online courses are complete.

Q: How do I report client sessions to my mentor?
A: We make this easy by providing you with session notes forms and a detailed outline of how to complete a case history.

Q: I have clients that I work with repeatedly. What is the maximum number of sessions I can do with one person?
A: We want you to get as much experience with as many different clients as possible, though you might work with certain clients over the course of several sessions. If you're planning to do more than five sessions with a particular client, check with your mentor first.

Q: I've been certified by another organization, but I recognize the value of getting certified by EFT Universe too. Is a grandparenting option available?
A: Yes. If you are a Certified EFT Practitioner through AMETT and ACEP, you are eligible for a discount due to the many overlapping requirements. Email your certificate to the admissions advisor who will give you further instructions and payment options

Q: There are several mentors. How do I connect with one?
A: We assign you a mentor when you're ready to submit your first batch of case histories.

Q: What happens if I get an automatic six-month extension, but still don’t finish in 18 months?
A: You can purchase a second extension for $500.

Q: I know you have a second level of certification, in Energy Psychology. What happens if I later decide to complete that certification?
A: All of the work you have completed in getting certified in EFT counts toward Energy Psychology certification. In the Energy Psychology certification program, EFT is called Skill Set 1. You also learn two other Skill Sets in Energy Psychology, as well as a course called Advanced Energy Therapies. When you’re ready, you enroll. Find more information here.

Q. I’ve been to the workshop listings on the EFT Universe site and noticed that I need to pay to register for the live workshops like the 4 day Professional Skills Training. Yet I see that the cost of these is included in certification. How does this work?

A: You are reimbursed for the cost of the workshop after attending. The reason for this procedure is that many of the workshops are sponsored by other organizations like Omega Institute and 1440 Multiversity, not by EFT Universe. So to register, you pay the organization, and you’re then reimbursed for the tuition cost by EFT Universe. Thus the cost of this tuition is included in certification and there is no additional cost to you.

Q: What is EFT Universe’s approach to diversity awareness?

A: Energy Psychology and EFT professionals are expected to practice with awareness of the diverse backgrounds of the clients with whom they work, and to engage clients with cultural humility and competence.

Among the cultural considerations for working with diverse populations are language barriers; religious beliefs and family values; community beliefs and practices; cultural attitudes to gender and age; cultural conceptions of health and illness; issues related to ethnic assimilation and cultural preservation; and attitudes toward women, children, individuals identifying as LGBTQ, and elders.

Research shows that EFT is able to release emotional triggers quickly. This makes it uniquely suitable for use when approaching charged issues including ethnicity, bias, and unconscious stereotyping.

A diverse working group of EFT practitioners has engaged the practitioner community in a dialog about the need for ethnic and cultural awareness during treatment sessions. Their educational perspectives are found on the Practitioner Development page.

Q: Do you have special discounts or scholarships available?
A: Because we believe these tools are so powerful and we’d like to see them in the hands of everyone, we’ve made the certification as affordable as possible. We are not able to offer further discounts or scholarships.

Q: What are your terms of service and privacy policy?
A: You can find our full terms of service and privacy policy here.

Q: Can I get a refund if I change my mind about getting certified at some point during the process?
A: No. This is an academic course, like a college semester, for which you commit to completion. For this reason, no refunds are possible after you begin. We recommend that you speak with an admission advisor prior to enrolling if you are not 100 percent certain about your commitment.

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