Ultimate EFT Certification First 100 Welcome Party
Chat Messages

01:01:25    Li Jiang:    are Audio files downloadable?
01:03:12    Belinda Brooks:    Early Tuesday morning.
01:03:22    Dawson Church:    Hi Li, the audio players like Voice Over play the audio but do not download.
01:03:27    Laci Hansen:     I have lots of time so I'll work a lot throughout each week.
01:03:47    Susi:    Saturday afternoon and several evenings a week...
01:03:55    Dawson Church:    (https://calendar.google.com/).
01:03:55    Crystal Day:    if we finish a lesson or several can we go back and do them again?
01:03:57    Jackie Viramontez:    Yes! Put it in there.
01:04:05    Jackie Viramontez:    Yes you can do lessons again!
01:04:12    Jackie Viramontez:    You can revisit them whenever they want!
01:04:15    JoyMarie Branson:    Sunday afternoon
01:04:32    Li Jiang:    can I ask question about quiz after I take them for the ones a bit of confusing or flat out not clear?
01:05:17    Andrea Withers:    2 hours a day at least 5 days a week (or more). Probably first thing in the morning.
01:05:27    Dawson Church:    Yes, Li, the final quiz tells you which chapter you need to review
01:05:33    Leslie Cotham:    Weds 10-12
01:05:47    Dawson Church:    Modules=Lessons
01:05:56    Dawson Church:    Chapters=Topics
01:06:04    roxanehreha:    Was planning on buying Genie in Genes to be able to read for pleasure away from screens, any other books recommended?
01:06:10    Li Jiang:    thank U Dawson, it is so wonderful to study with U. I am very excited
01:07:27    Susi:    It takes quite a while to get things here...what other books will we be reading so that I can order them ahead of time? Thank you!
01:07:45    Belinda Brooks:    Is that the 2 day or 4 day workshop?
01:08:25    Jackie Viramontez:    All the books you’ll need are in the welcome letter, i think it links to the amazon cart pages too, Its the EFT Manual, Genie in Your Genes, and two ethics books
01:08:46    Monica Evans:    Are workshops still being added?
01:08:57    Jackie Viramontez:    you don’t NEED to buy these, because they’re all digitized, its only an option for people who want hardcover
01:09:02    Susi:    Thank you, Jackie! = )
01:09:03    Marion:    This in person workshop is 4 days - The two day Practice Intensive can be taken online
01:09:06    Monica Evans:    I didn’t see any California dates.
01:09:21    Jackie Viramontez:    california dates all be added later in the year
01:09:52    Caroline Fisher:    are workshops ever offered in Canada?
01:11:03    Li Jiang:    can U use different devices to log in class?
01:11:13    Jackie Viramontez:    We don’t offer them in canada right now, I will be offering one in california. If you have a  venue I’d always be willing to discuss canada trainings :)
01:11:19    Marion:    Here is the link for up coming workshops: https://www.eftuniverse.com/eft-training-workshop-training-dates-locations-and-prices-2
01:12:11    Renee:    I joined late so sorry if this was covered all ready. When will we receive the welcome letter and access to the modules?
01:12:11    Caroline Fisher:    Thanks Jackie - I'll give that some thought and be in touch :)
01:14:43    Marion:    Hi Renee - yes you will
01:15:25    Li Jiang:    Hi Marion, thanks for sending me the link.
01:15:42    Renee:    OK, thank you. Just wanted to make sure I didn't miss it :)
01:18:12    Jackie Viramontez:    Lorna we love you!
01:18:25    Marion:    Yes we do!
01:18:56    Lorna Minewiser:    Thanks Jackie and Marion
01:23:34    Lori Mahala:    Is the mentoring done verbally or only in written form via the case studies?
01:24:57    Laci Hansen:    just to be clear, we will be recording our sessions? are we then writing a report on that season?
01:25:47    Sofia Ibrahim:    i have 2 boys with autism … I am excited
01:25:51    Sofia Ibrahim:    to learn this skill
01:25:57    Laci Hansen:    ok, thank you!
01:26:29    Jackie Viramontez:    You don’t need to record your sessions, You write up a  summary. You will get all the details and directives in Module 6
01:26:38    Kathleen Sullivan:    I was hoping to attend a 4 day practice intensive in NY, but it doesn’t look like there’s a course until next Aug 2021.  Will more courses be added?
01:27:10    Jackie Viramontez:    There is a 4 day Pro Training and then the 2 day practice intensive (which you can take after receiving your first round of feedback from your mentor)
01:27:51    Kathleen Sullivan:    Sorry, I meant the 4 day Pro training…
01:28:09    Li Jiang:    Hi Jackie, both 4 d and 2 d are in person?
01:28:48    Jackie Viramontez:    The 4 day is in-person. The 2 day CAN be taken in-person, but there are digital options. I and some other trainers host virtual 2-day practice intensives.
01:29:52    Noelle :    Thank you!  Sharing the time zones times sounds good!
01:30:00    Li Jiang:    thanks Jackie :-)
01:30:25    Marion:    Kathleen we do try to get more workshops in New York if not there should be one in Virginia on the East Coaast.
01:30:54    Kathleen Sullivan:    Ok, thanks Marion!
01:31:41    Andrea Withers:    Thank you! Looking forward to working with you all!😊💖
01:31:59    Robin:    Thank you, thank you!  I'm so excited!!
01:32:04    Belinda Brooks:    Thumbs up for all the support!!
01:32:04    Jennifer Smith:    Thank you all. Excited and nervous :)
01:32:06    Sofia Ibrahim:    thank you l looking forward to working with you and meeting other participants. in the future
01:32:10    Leslie Cotham:    Thank you!
01:32:10    Sonia:    I’m excited to meet everyone
01:32:13    Renee:    Thank you!
01:32:16    Tammy Pearsall:    Thank you !  Looking forward to starting today!!
01:32:25    Katie Lodge:    Thank you!
01:32:27    Noelle :    Thank you!! Very exciting x
01:32:31    JoyMarie Branson:    thankful to everyone!
01:32:32    Susi:    Thanks so much...am excited about this journey!
01:33:24    Thea:    Thank you everyone!