EFT Universe EFT Certification Mentoring Agreement

Please read and sign your EPC Practitioner Mentoring Agreement

Letter of Understanding Between Certification Candidate and Mentor

INTRODUCTION: The purpose of this Letter of Understanding is to establish a clear understanding of the nature of the mentoring relationship between you, the Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) or Energy Psychology (EP) candidate, and your mentor. It outlines the expectations and general structure of the mentoring relationship.

The mentor’s role is to help you understand the technical competencies involved in offering EFT and EP sessions, how to integrate these techniques into your practice, and to assist you in developing the requisite skills.

Your mentor has been certified by EFT Universe and approved to consult with you on client cases. Your mentor will guide you as you refine your skills, and identify areas in which you can improve your practice.

In the Mentoring Agreement, please use the same email address that you use to log in, otherwise Mentoring will not open up for you. Once you've signed, please log out, wait 5 minutes for the system to re-set with your new access level, and then log in again.


1. CONTENT-BASED CHECK-INS: Mentoring is educational. The goal of the mentoring relationship is to increase and refine your skills and competencies in utilizing EFT and EP. This will be done via email, recorded videos, or 15 minute phone consultations, one-on-one or in a group, where you discuss case-history-based questions.

2. SKILLS PRACTICE CALLS: Your mentor, or another mentor, will lead  a monthly Skills Practice Call that you can participate in live or via the recording posted on Facebook. These are in addition to the optional monthly educational calls, and are geared toward learning and practicing the techniques. They are not a requirement for certification, though you are encouraged to participate.

3. UPDATES: Your mentor will stay current with trends and research in the EFT and EP communities, and provide you with useful information via email or during teleclasses.

4. MENTOR COLLABORATION: Your mentor will refer you to or consult with other mentors if your needs are specialized and outside the scope of your mentor’s experience.


5. SELF-DIRECTION & RESPONSIBILITY: You take full ownership of your learning process, the pace at which you complete the course, and to offering clients effective sessions. You take full responsibility for your schedule, for attending live calls and watching recordings when you cannot participate live. You will seek to solve learning and technical questions yourself first, before reaching out to tech support or to your mentor for answers. You understand that learning is a self-defined commitment that can be supported, but not led, by trainers, mentors and/or other students.

6. SELF-PACING AND COMPLETION GOALS: While the course is self-paced, 12 months is an optimal time to complete certification. This time frame enables you to stay motivated, retain information and develop the necessary skills. You are encouraged to set a goal for when you will graduate, as well as time frames for completing the remaining modules. You will make your mentor aware if any of these time frames change substantially. Optionally, you can organize and track your goals using The Certification Goal Schedule.

7. COMPETENCY & PROFESSIONALISM: During the certification course you are trained to demonstrate the skills, competency, and professionalism required to offer sessions to future clients. If a mentor determines that additional requirements are necessary to demonstrate mastery, the mentor will communicate these requirements to you promptly.

8. LIVE WORKSHOP: You complete the live component of the certification program by attending one of EFT Universe’s 4 day EFT Professional Skills Training workshops before submitting your first batch of case studies. You can find a list of updated workshops, along with directions on how to receive full reimbursement (if applicable) in the Quick Start guide to the course.

If you attended this workshop prior to enrolling, please send a copy of your certificate of completion to support@eftuniverse.com with the Subject Line: Proof of Live Workshop Attendance Prior to Enrolling. Workshops attended up to 12 months prior to enrollment will be accepted as completion of this requirement.

9. RESPONSIBILITY FOR YOUR CLIENTS: As a candidate, you are responsible for all aspects of the practitioner relationship with your clients. Your mentor is not liable for, or responsible for, your sessions with clients. Mentoring involves giving you feedback on your client sessions rather than supervision of your sessions.

10. DEMONSTRATING YOUR SKILLS: During the mentoring process, you will thoroughly read, review, show understanding of, and demonstrate proficiency with the 48 techniques of Clinical EFT. If you’re going on to EP certification, you will do the same for Skill Set 2, the Unfinished Conversations Technique, and the Skill Set 3, the Invisible Counselor Technique. You will complete the required number of case studies for each Skill Set. You will submit 2-3 case studies at a time, receive feedback from your mentor, and show in the next set of cases that you’ve implemented that feedback. Case study templates and samples can be found in the Quick Start Guide. Your mentor will review your cases and give feedback within two weeks of submission.

In certain circumstances, your mentor may determine that you need development in certain techniques, and require submission of additional cases demonstrating these skills.

11. COACHING CHECKLISTS: If you are completing EP certification after EFT, you will complete two coaching sessions and submit the completed coaching checklists.  You can find detailed directions for how to do this, as well as a link to the coaching checklist, in the instructions for Skill Sets 2 and 3.

12. REFERRAL LIST: You will submit an up-to-date list of licensed mental health professionals to whom you refer clients whose issues lie outside of your scope of practice. You will find detailed directions in the Ethics course.

13. PERSONAL WORK: You will complete at least 15 hours of personal work on your own issues during the course of certification. You will write up summaries of what you addressed and who you worked with. Directions can be found in Mentoring 1.

Mentorship officially begins when you return a signed copy of this Letter of Understanding.
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Thank you for filling out your EPC Practitioner Mentoring Agreement.

Once you have read and submitted your mentoring agreement, your mentor will reach out to you in the next couple of weeks with further instructions.