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Welcome to the 7-Day Immunity Booster Program

The 7 Day Immunity Booster program includes 7 powerful audio meditations. Each one focuses on a single topic that sources such as the National Institutes of Health (NIH) and the Center for Disease Control (CDC) define as important to high immunity.

These include quality sleep, regular exercise, whole foods, social distancing, and positive emotions. Each 15 minute meditation combines 7 potent transformational techniques

  • self-hypnosis 
  • heart coherence 
  • mindfulness
  • neurofeedback 
  • acupressure
  • breathwork
  • affirmations

Here’s what you get in the 7 Day Immunity Booster program. The Introduction (18 min) provides you with the background information you need in order to understand how to boost your immunity, and provides the sources for the evidence-based methods we recommend.

Each meditation addresses the most common problems around implementing each recommendation, such as resistance to exercise, sugar cravings, and insomnia. It applies all 7 of the transformational techniques to overcoming those blocks, and affirming your success.

The bonus program, The 7 Proactive Behaviors that Promote Immunity (15 min), gives you simple yet effective immune-boosting action items you can implement in your life.

Also please use the power of community to keep yourself engaged in the course. Your experience will be enriched if you interact with faculty and other participants. Please join the Facebook group here. Post your insights, share your epiphanies, and be inspired by the wonderful people in our supportive community.

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