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The Neurochemistry of Ecstasy

Elevated emotional, mental, and spiritual states have been described by mystics for millennia. Now, modern research tools such as MRIs and EEGs are allowing us to analyze the brain patterns of these adepts and map their neural activity. Science has built a profile of their most active brain regions and found that they match those of people in peak states of “flow.”

These states also produce 7 of the most pleasurable neurotransmitters and hormones human bodies can produce, from serotonin to anandamide, the “bliss molecule.” Reverse engineering of these states now makes them trainable, and research shows that anyone can be taught to experience such peak states using simple behavioral techniques.

These 7 chemicals have the same molecular structure as mind-altering drugs such as psilocybin, marijuana, LSD, and ecstasy. But they’re synthesized by your own brain using the leading-edge techniques in this course. Individually, they produce pleasure, but in combination, they take the brain to the ecstatic states of altered consciousness described by the mystics.

This video and audio course is based on the neuroscience behind Dawson Church’s book Bliss Brain: The Neuroscience of Remodeling Your Brain for Resilience, Creativity, and Joy. Lesson by lesson, it trains you to raise the levels of each of these bliss chemicals. You then learn to combine them in a series of practices that are scientifically proven to rewire your brain for happiness.

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