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I am beyond delighted that you’re joining me here!

That’s because the meditations you’ll discover here are the “fast track” to ecstatic emotional states.

As I talked to research colleagues over the years, we compared notes. We found that many different techniques helped people become happier. Mindfulness. Tapping. Hypnosis. Heart coherence. Neurofeedback.

Then I had a huge insight: What would happen if we combined them all together?

I tried this, and suddenly found that I could meditate, something I’d never managed successfully before.

I then tested it with groups of people. Many reported that this was the first time they’d been able to meditate effectively in their whole lives.

I coined the term EcoMeditation to describe the technique, and began to research it. Sure enough, scientific studies showed that it decreased anxiety and depression, while boosting happiness.

Hooking up people to EEG and MRI machines, we found that they produced large amounts of gamma brain waves. Gamma is the signature wave of happiness, love, creativity and inspiration.

In Getting Into Bliss Brain, you’ll experience 8 EcoMeditation tracks. They take you through a series of physical exercises. You’ll find them easy and intuitive. Each meditation builds on the one before.

I recommend you use a single meditation each morning for a week. Then go on to the next one. Each meditation is under 20 minutes long, so no matter how busy you are, you’ll have time to meditate. I also recommend you write those “meditation dates” into your calendar, and treat them as essential to your health. Research shows that meditation has powerful effects in the body.

Read the Quick Start Guide below to help you get the most out of this program. And please let me know how you’re doing! Here’s a link to our Facebook group where we share our insights and inspire each other to practice.

See you in meditation-land!


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