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Welcome to the Energy Healer’s Marketing Blueprint

Welcome to this great course on marketing for energy healers. It’s been designed specifically for people in our profession, and you’ll find it a valuable step-by-step guide to presenting your talents and skills to potential clients.

Becoming well-trained healing professionals is only a part of what we need in order to be effective. We also need to be able to share our abilities with others, using effective messages and modern media.

This is something that we can learn, and is a great channel for offering our services to the world. The better we are at marketing, the more people will learn about what we do and the greater our opportunity to serve them.

To use this course, start with the first video. Make notes, and refer to the PDF guide in the “Toolbox” section. Then go on to the second video, and make your way through the course. 

Making notes will help you interact with the ideas, and after a while you’ll start to come up with effective words, phrases and messages to communicate who you are and what you do.

Also please use the power of community to keep yourself engaged in the course. Your experience will be enriched if you interact with faculty and other participants. Please join the Facebook group here. Post your insights, share your epiphanies, and be inspired by the wonderful people in our supportive community.

Over the years I’ve learned to enjoy and embrace marketing, because I know that my effectiveness at marketing determines the number of people I can reach, and the influence I can have as they make healing choices. This course makes basic marketing easy.

Time Frame

I urge you to commit to your success and the success of those you serve by scheduling adequate time to complete the course. Set aside one or two hour blocks to watch the videos and make notes. Record those appointments in your calendar, and take them just as seriously as if you were paying $1,000 an hour to sit with one of the world’s marketing geniuses. That’s actually what you’re getting with Matt Gallant, your instructor for this course.

Starting off as a personal trainer, Matt went on to create two eight-figure businesses, and consult with other companies as one of the top marketers in the world. I’ve known other businesses to offer Matt tens of thousands of dollars to do the kind of marketing he teaches you in this course, but he turns most of them down. He’s just too busy and too successful.

But he made an exception when I asked him to create this course for people in the energy healing professions! I’ve known Matt for many years. He credits EFT with saving his marriage, and he cares deeply about people in our profession. So he created this course for people just like us. He’s a great source of information and inspiration.

Also start to notice the messages you’re getting from the media. If you see an ad, notice whether it has anything relevant to you. Analyze them. What was so compelling about that image? That headline? Why did that marketer choose that particular message? The ones you see most represent best practices and you can learn a lot by just observing them.

Bookmark the Log In Page

Please bookmark the home page where you log in. Keep a record of your password and username. You need to log in to get access to the course, and it’s annoying to be unable to log in because you’ve lost your password or username. Adjust your browser settings so that they autofill your username and password on the log in page.

If you have more than one email address, also write down the address you used to register for the course. Obviously the system will not recognize you if you try and log in using a different email address.

Always log in first. If you click on a saved, cached, or bookmarked page without logging in, you will receive an error message, so always log in first.

If you run into problems, such as getting an audio or video to play, or a lost password, you can find the solutions on our “Help“ page, including customer service.

I am so grateful you are on this marketing journey, and I know it is a wonderful opportunity to increase your impact on the world!

Dawson Church, PhD, CEHP

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