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Welcome to the Clinical EFT Practitioner Certification Exam

This is the comprehensive knowledge exam testing your knowledge of EFT, the questions are also designed to remind you of what you learned in the workshops and reading; they’re not designed to confuse or discourage you! We’re here for you, and we want to support your journey toward becoming a certified EFT practitioner. This is an open book quiz. You are welcome to refer to the chapter in the book to find the answers. The purpose of this quiz is to remind you of what you learned.

If you’re nervous, start tapping. Answer the questions you find easiest first.

Don’t rush; you have 90 minutes to complete the test and experience shows that students who are well-prepared require much less time than that. You can take the quiz up to 10 times.

The questions you will receive on your individual test are drawn from a large bank of questions. These rotate randomly each time they’re used, so if you re-test, make sure you know the material thoroughly since you are unlikely to draw many of the exact same questions.

Total: 70 questions.

To pass: 75% or higher

Time provided: 90 minutes.

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