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Welcome to Tapping Money Miracles - 2 Day Experiential Workshop

I am delighted that you are renewing your EFT Universe Clinical EFT Certified Practitioner credential. This renewal option is based on a virtual recorded workshop on money and abundance. 

You’ll watch a series of videos and complete quizzes that test your knowledge of the material.

Prepare yourself by taking notes as you watch. That will make passing the quizzes the first time easy. There are questions about EFT techniques, about the content of each module, and about the sessions conducted with participants. Here are some sample test questions to give you an idea of what to expect:

Q: What is the definition of the EFT technique called Borrowing Benefits?

  • Borrowing techniques from an experienced practitioner.
  • Tapping along with another person’s tapping session.
  • Benefiting from attending psychological training classes.
  • Borrowing techniques from non-tapping modalities.

Q: The general issue that Mary described as a recurring theme in her life was “procrastination.”

  • T
  • F

Q: The concept from Eckart Tolle that Dawson refers to is the

  • Power of now
  • Pain body
  • Redemptive value of suffering
  • Power of yesterday

Q: What are the slow brain waves observed during sleep and dreams called?

  • Delta and Theta
  • Alpha and Gamma
  • Gamma and Beta
  • Alpha and Beta

As you can see, these questions are easy to answer if you’ve been taking notes. Pay close attention to the videos, record what you observe, and your notes will allow you to complete the quizzes effortlessly.

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